Deeper Story Pt.9

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The first fall

So as I was in college I wanted to assert my independence.  I got a full time job.  I eventually moved out of my parents house since I was then able to support myself.  In doing all of this I eventually stopped going to church.  I didn’t feel like going anymore so I just stopped.  When my parents asked I would tell them I had to work weekends (which was true).  I will say this though, even though I had given up on church I had not given up on “God”.  I still believed very heavily in Christianity.

At a certain point I came to a crossroads.  I found the stress of a full time job and full time school to be a bit too much for me.  I had to make a decision.  This would follow me for years (and to an extent still does).  I left school.  I felt that the classes weren’t the right fit for me.  My job gave me enough satisfaction that I thought I would make a career out of it.


This was also about the time I moved in with a girl with whom I had been dating.  I didn’t seem like a big deal.  I needed a place to live, she wanted to move out of her parent’s house.  I remember at that time I could pack all of my belongings into my Hyundai Accent and just go.  Things went ok for a while but I ignored a lot of my financial issues.  It all  came to a head one day when the bank wanted to repo my car.  I ended breaking up with that girl and moving back in with my dad.  That was perhaps one of the most humbling experience in my life.

I lived there only a short time before the “you should come back to church with us”‘s started.  I eventually relented.  It seemed serendipitous that the sermon was on the parodical son.  I remember at the end of the service we got into small groups of people to pray for each other.  At the end my dad pulled me in for a moment and said “He still loves you.”  I began sobbing.  And thus began my journey back to Christianity.  

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