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Why do you care if other people believe in God?

I’ve heard this asked a few times around the internet and I’ve struggled with this question.  I don’t consider my self an anti-theist (someone who thinks religion everywhere should be abolished) but I do have some thoughts on the matter.

I honestly don’t care if you believe in a god.  The problem is what you do with that belief and how it forms your actions.  Sort of like the saying “Your right to swing your fist ends at my face.”  When your holy book tells you to go out an convert everyone, or you hear god telling you to bomb an abortion clinic, yeah that I have a problem with.

There is also the problem of trying to legislate the laws of your holy book.  Sure it has some good points in there, don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t own slaves….wait that one’s not in there…also it doesn’t say anything about not raping.  Oh yes it does…you have have to marry the person you rape is all….yeah please don’t make that a law.  Also I’d like to keep my poly-cotton blends so if you could skip that one too.

Sorry this ended up being sort of a rant and I’m going to apologize for the crudeness of the last line of text here but “Religions are like dicks, it’s ok to have one. You can even be proud of it.  But don’t whip it out and public and don’t try to shove it down my throat.”

3 thoughts on “Ask an Atheist”

  1. In short, I actually don’t care.
    The longer answer… Usually upon hearing I do not believe in any god, my position is challenged. I have to explain myself. Sometimes discussions (more so, online discussions) go through “logic”..etc and at some point, the person I am debating asks this very question. Why do I care if other people believe in a god, lol. Why do they care if I don’t believe in a god? (we know why, they want to save us… indoctrinate us). 🙂

  2. I agree. I am a pagan now, but when I was an atheist I never really considered myself an anti-theist, even though I had and have very negative feelings towards the Christian religion (and the other two major monotheisms, too). I don’t like Christianity, but it’s okay for others to believe in it (and any other religion) as long as no one else is harmed and no one else’s rights are being infringed upon. If someone IS being harmed, or someone IS having their rights trampled, that’s when I start to care.

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