Looking for advice?

So I’m obviously currently using’s free version. I was debating on switching to a self hosted site since I have all the systems set up. The cost would only be that of a domain name, as opposed to something like $36/year  through WordPress .However I don’t  want to lose the followers and reader functions that are present in So, my question to you, fellow bloggers, what are you doing for custom domains?

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Years ago, I had a very popular blog with lots of followers (unlike my current one). I switched from the free wordpress to my own domain, which was fine as long as I kept it up. Once I was finished with that blog and quit paying the yearly fee, someone else purchased the domain and somehow used all my old content. Only, each post linked to a spam ad. There was nothing I could do about it. Had I stayed with the free domain, it would have forever belonged to me. Just my experience.

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