Deeper Story Pt. 2


If you haven’t read it yet here’s Part 1.

I still remember my dad “asking” my brother and me if we wanted to check out his girlfriend’s church.  Whenever he asked us a question like this it was never really meant to be evaluated by us.  We knew what the answer was to be, yes.  But even so I was kind of excited to check it out.  They told me it would be different than the church I used to go to, so I figured it couldn’t be any worse.  I did however find it a little odd that someone would go to church every single week…why?

So Sunday rolls around and we all pack in the car and drive the  half hour to a pizza place…wait what? Dad parked the car…on the street and I’m thinking to myself, “so this church is in a pizza place and doesn’t have a parking this is a joke right?”  As it turns out that the church was ABOVE the pizza place…still weird.  We got to the top of the stairs and looked around.  This was indeed very different from the Catholic church I had attended twice a year before.  There were no pews, just rows of what looked like fairly comfortable chairs.  The room was much smaller than I thought it would be.  The rooms was the size of  a gas station mini-mart instead of the size of a small mall.


The big thing that was different, and the thing that got me hooked, was that there was a band.  Not like a group of people and an organ but like a real band.  Electric guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, a real real band.  I wouldn’t have thought that a church had something so cool!  We grabbed our little programs and my future stepmother and current father were chatting with friends as I stood there awkwardly.  We eventually took our seats and the music started.  As engaged as I was with the idea of it the actual production of it drew me in closer.

The words we on an overhead projector so it was easy to follow along.  I decided at that moment that, that was something I wanted to do.  I wanted to be someone on that stage playing and singing.  I didn’t know how to play anything other than the recorder I learned in second grade.  Nor could I sing…like at all…it was bad.  But I knew that’s what I wanted more than anything else (in my pre-teen mind).

That’s how I got hooked.  Next week I’ll talk about where that lead me.

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