What happened next?

So I sat in the ruins of my former belief system wondering what am I supposed to do now?  I became very bitter and distant from everyone including my family. I began to look at what was left.  I realized that I had no actual reason to believe in any god.  I started to look into what atheism is.  In the simplest of terms atheism is a lack of belief in a god.  I was an atheist.  I guess I needed a label in my mind to kind of check off a box of some sort.  With the box checked I did more digging and came upon The Atheist Experience.  It’s an internet based call in show where theists and atheists call in with questions.  I binged probably about two years worth of shows through podcasts in about a month.  It helped me clarify some of the things I was wondering about and gave me a sense of a new foundation of thinking critically.

I also began seeing a therapist at this time.  He’s helped me kind of see the world differently.  Sort of like having being in the dark for a while and having your eyes adjust to the light (funny, a year ago I would have used the same wording to describe what it’s like becoming a Christian). He diagnosed me with “adjustive disorder”.  Again it’s nothing more than a phrase for what I was experiencing but I  like my check boxes.  I continue to see him on a regular basis however most of my short fusedness, depression, anger, and bitterness have come down to a more manageable level.

So that’s the story so far.  I continue to look into new ways of thinking about the world with out my religious lens and that’s really what the blog is going to be about, my observations.  I hope that you all can help me point out flaws in my reasoning and continue to help me grow as a person.  If you have anything you’d like to see me tackle I’d be up for that too!

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Welcome to seeing the true light of knowledge. That said, I was lucky I ditched god in my teens and never looked back. I tell people I gave up organized religion for Lent one year and never went back.

I was unfortunately indoctrinated in my teens. I made a lot of huge life choices based on religion. I’m not saying I regret anything, just a lot of what ifs in play now 🙂

They tried dogmatic indoctrination with me as a kid. But even then I had a finely tuned bullshit meter even at eight years old. By age 15 I could get just a whiff of bovine effluvia and recognize it. I blame a lot of it on studying the KJV Biblical texts and learning of copy error, translation error and most importantly of editorializing by scribes.

And I saw the general callousness of priests and said – no thank you to any organized religion.

I went to one of those “cool” churches that have the rock band feel to the music section. That’s kinda what drew me in. So it didn’t feel like “church” at the time…it obviously wasn’t until much later that I realized I had been duped. Hope to never have that happen again 🙂

Oh – my church thought bringing in a guitar was cutting edge. Typical of all Catholic churches I suppose. But then think about it, back say a few hundred years ago the Catholic churches had colorful light, thunderous organs for sound, and scent was covered by frankincense and myrrh. So spectacles of sight, sound and smell. That doesn’t work so well today. And oh recall too the mass was said in Latin up until the 1960’s. Once they could drop the Latin and you could really understand the process of the mass you knew something was rotten in Denmark.

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