Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.  I’ve created this blog to help me organize the thoughts on my newfound lack of faith.  I love writing so it seems like a good medium to share my journey with everyone.  I’m hoping that as I work through this you the awesome reader can help me find flaws in my logic and help me create better arguments (not required, you can just read too)

I’ve also started a YouTube Channel

Also, I’m helping out on a bunch of discord servers I figured this would be a good spot to get you a list.  I’ll update as I find more.  Also, let me know if I missed any!

My  Babies:
Godless Journey
Secular  Hangouts

Ones  I admin:
Atheist Rationale
Black Sofa
Cosmological-Cosmo’s Space Station of Blackjack and Hookers
Frustrated Atheist
Genetically Modified Skeptic
God is Not Good
Godless Engineer
Godless Iowan
Lady Unicorn
Mr. Atheist
Suris the Skeptic

Other  Awesome  Servers:
Scientist  Mel
Atheist Refuge
Non-Sequitur  Show
Professor Stick
The  Geek  Room
Godless Cranium