cropped-untitled-1.jpgHappy New Year!

As I step into the new year I feel as though I’ve perhaps kind of deviated from what this blog was supposed to be.  I’m currently writing about my journey, questions for atheists, the bible, logical fallacies.  This seems to be all over the place.  The title of the blog is “Godless Journey” and it feels like I’m just pulling from all over the place.  I think I may scale back a bit and concentrate on the journey portion of my story for the moment.  I feel this will give me more consistent updates and focus.  Once I’ve completed the past history I’ll begin to dive more into the other portions of the blog that I have been working on.

Also during this year I plan to start putting out video content.  My question for you is which portion would you like to see done as a video response?  I’ll have a poll up on my Twitter for you to vote on.  By limiting this to only one area this will do a couple of things.  Firstly it will help me get an idea of how to make videos (starting from scratch).  Also it will keep me writing the other portions.  I do love writing and would like to keep working on that as well.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Thanks for coming on this journey with me!

2 thoughts on “Update to the blog

  1. One of the things I’ve learned while blogging over the last several years is that the blog is a reflection of whatever is on my mind at the time. If I’m very focused on atheism, the blog tends to be. If I’m bored with atheism and more interested in other topics, the blog will reflect that. I can relate to your conflict about how focused to keep things vs. how much latitude to give yourself. All I can say is that if I had not decided to give myself the freedom to meander all over the place, I would have stopped blogging long ago.

    1. I totally get the need to be flexible. I think I’ll finish my history and then start expanding. I think I just started with too much too fast and got a bit overwhelmed.

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