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Skeptical Bible Study

Skeptical Bible Study Poll

Hey All! As you may have noticed I missed yesterday’s Bible Study.  This is probably the hardest content to update and it seems to get the least amount of feedback so I’m asking you all whether or not it’s something… Continue Reading →

Skeptical Bible Study Mark:4

Mark 4 Parable of the Sower Mark 4 1-20 This parable is about how people receive the word of god.  It talks about the different ways people reject it and how one accepts it.  You know, the ones on the path,… Continue Reading →

Skeptical Bible Study Week 3

Mark Chapter 3 Last Weeks Study Jesus Heals on the Sabbath Ok so again we see Jesus doing things just to piss off the religious leaders.  I understand what is trying to be conveyed here, that it’s better to do… Continue Reading →

Skeptical Bible Study Week 2

This week I read Mark 2. This chapter give us the story of the paralyzed man that Jesus healed.  For me this whole set up feels very staged.  He’s hanging out at Peter’s house with a bunch of people listening… Continue Reading →

Skeptical Bible Study Week 1

Welcome to something new!  I’m beginning a weekly study/commentary on the Bible.  This will be my first time reading the Bible through an atheistic lens.  I’m curious to see what comes out to me re-reading.  I’m going to start with… Continue Reading →

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