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Deeper Story Pt. 2

If you haven’t read it yet here’s Part 1. I still remember my dad “asking” my brother and me if we wanted to check out his girlfriend’s church.  Whenever he asked us a question like this it was never really… Continue Reading →

Deeper Story Pt.1

So I’ve given a brief synopsis of my journey from Christianity to Atheism but I thought I’d give a deeper look into how my worldview has changed through out my life. I was born in upstate New York.  It’s recently… Continue Reading →


As I’ve left Christianity I’ve one thing that I’ve missed is the community.  It was a built in time at least once a week where I was able to hang out with people.  They even had a place for my… Continue Reading →

What happened next?

So I sat in the ruins of my former belief system wondering what am I supposed to do now?  I became very bitter and distant from everyone including my family. I began to look at what was left.  I realized… Continue Reading →

My background or how I became a godless heathen

The date of my final conversion (or deconversion as it were) was May 14th 2017,  but the story starts further back than that. As a Christian I had always struggled off and on with doubt.  I think every Christian does… Continue Reading →

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